Division Registrar Certificates

Some Manitobans hold a birth certificate issued by a division registrar, issued before 1983.

How do I recognize a Division Registrar certificate?

  • Division Registrar certificates are paper documents, about 8 inches wide by 6 inches long.


  • "Division Registrar" is printed under the signature on the certificate.


  • The Division name is typed in as: "Registration Division of ________________".

Why aren't Division Registrar certificates acceptable for all purposes?

Birth certificates are the foundation of individual identity, often used to obtain other identification, benefits and services.

Division Registrar certificates were acceptable before concerns about border security, identity theft and terrorism arose. Because they are insecure, easily forged paper documents, they don't offer the level of assurance needed to support eligibility for travel documents and other secure forms of identification.

Are Division Registrar certificates unacceptable for all purposes?

Not necessarily. Organizations that require individuals to prove their identity set their own rules about acceptable documents.

If you have a Division Registrar certificate, you can:

  • submit an application for a birth certificate, and

  • pay the regular $30 fee, and

  • surrender your Division Registrar certificate.
If you need your certificate on a priority basis, you can order rush service for an additional fee.

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