Certificate Applications

Every event must be fully registered before a document about the event can be issued. This is because the registered information is printed on the document.

Two service options are available:

Regular issuance service: Applications for regular issuance service are processed in the order received and sent to applicants via Canada Post. This service is experiencing delays - please see client care alert below for more information.

Rush issuance service: Applications for rush issuance service are processed within three business days, and sent via courier. Shipping time is extra. Selecting rush issuance service speeds up the processing of an application for a document. It does not speed up the registration of a vital event.

Although a payment may be processed immediately, regular issuance service or rush issuance service (as selected by the applicant), will start after a vital event is registered correctly, and in full.

Checking Your Order Status

You can check the status of your order for a birth, death or marriage certificate at https://cambafsclient.gov.mb.ca/cambOrderStatusClient/queryEntry.m
  • If you applied online, enter your order number exactly as shown on your emailed receipt.
  • If you applied by paper form, enter the number exactly as shown on your printed or emailed receipt.
Client care alert: Delays in Service Times

Please note that we are currently experiencing longer service times in the registration of new events and regular issuance service.

The Department is taking a multi-pronged approach to improve operations for Vital Statistics Branch service delivery outcomes, which includes:

  • renovating the existing historical office space to improve client service;
  • enhancing workstations to improve employee's satisfaction and productivity;
  • addressing personnel resource allocations;
  • incorporating modern best practice information technologies; and
  • balancing service delivery times with security and privacy concerns.

Regular issuance applications are in line to be reviewed by an officer.

If you have an emergency after sending your regular issuance application, please contact the Vital Statistics Branch. You may be asked to prove why you need urgent processing.

Proof of urgency may include:
  • documentation of a medical emergency
  • a letter confirming new employment
  • a letter from a consulate, embassy confirming an appointment
  • travel reservations including airline tickets, reservations or travel itinerary
  • a letter confirming an immigration hearing appointment
  • a wedding invitation, where the applicant is participating in the ceremony
  • a letter from a Registered Education Savings Plan client service representative
  • other situations, subject to review
Note: All applicants who send applications for service must pay the required fee, regardless of their application results (e.g., cancelled, certificate refused). Sorry, there are no refunds allowed.

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