Commemorative Certificates

Vital Statistics Branch offers commemorative certificate's to mark your childs birth or your marriage.

These large, specially designed certificates are not legal documents.

They are designed to fit into a standard 11 x 14 (28 cm x 35.5 cm) frame. A smaller version (Newborn and Newlywed designs only), 7 x 8.5 (16.5 cm x 21.6 cm), can fit into most albums.

The commemorative certificates are printed in full colour on premium-quality paper and the smaller-size certificates are presented in envelopes.

These certificates cannot be ordered by family or friends.


The NEWBORN design features a border of baby-friendly animals in soft colours and has a place to add a small photograph of your child.

The HERITAGE design features illustrations of several of Manitoba's favourite and most distinctive nature and historical images and landmarks. Examples are the crocus (Manitoba's official flower), the grey owl (the provincial bird), a Red River cart, York boat and the Golden Boy.

The CLASSIC design features the Manitoba Flag and Coat of Arms.


The NEWLYWEDS design features the wedding cake and wedding rings complimented by beautiful red roses and a place to add a small photograph of the couple.

The ANY OCCASION design features a set of goblets and a beautiful bouquet of red roses.

The Special Anniversary Series design features the scrolled parchment background.

The SILVER ANNIVERSARY features the "Treasured Event"® and the 25 in silver foil complimented by appropriate white roses.

The GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY as above except with gold foil and yellow roses.

The ANY YEAR ANNIVERSARY features a neutral background and provides a space for the number of years married.

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