Genealogy Searches for Unrestricted Records

Effective January 1, 2003, The Vital Statistics Act was proclaimed providing unrestricted access to the following records:

Births more than 100 years ago
Marriages more than 80 years ago
Deaths more than 70 years ago

NOTE: Records are only updated quarterly as follows:
April: Jan 1 to Mar 31 events
July: Apr 1 to Jun 30 events
October: Jul 1 to Sep 30 events
January: Oct 1 to Dec 31 events

Over the years, the data collected on registration forms has changed. The older records have less information available. The database contains limited information. For example, many of the records do not contain the father's name on a birth. The database may also have records that contain incomplete, missing, or incorrect information that occurred during the data conversion project where information from paper registration forms were entered into the electronic database. For all information collected at the time of registration, a copy of the record will have to be ordered.

If you wish to obtain a certified copy of the original record for genealogical purposes based on a search you have done, the fee for each record is $12.00. No refunds or replacement of documents will be given for copies of the records issued based on your search. If you wish Vital Statistics Branch to perform the search on your behalf, the regular fee of $30.00 will apply.

If you wish to purchase copies of any of the records you located, simply add them to your Shopping Cart. When your selection is complete, print the order form, fill in the address and fee information and mail or fax it to Vital Statistics Branch. Faxed requests will only be accepted if the payment method is by credit card and the required authorizing signature is included.

Before you start your searches, please read the instructions carefully.

Step 1: Choose to search for a birth, marriage, or death.

Step 2: Complete the fields to be searched.

Step 3: Once your search results are displayed, view details of the event or select the record to order a copy.

WARNING! Your selection will be saved as long as you stay at this web site. If you leave the web site your selections will be lost.

Step 4: Once you have selected all the records you wish to purchase, return to the Search the database page to view the items in your Shopping Cart.

Step 5: Print the form, Request for Copy of Genealogy Record.

Step 6: Complete the form and mail or fax it to Vital Statistics Branch.

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